Hysterotomy is always performed under general anesthesia and is done to access the uterus or the fetus inside it. The incision taken for hysterotomy is much smaller as against incision taken for hysterectomy. If any corrective measures are to be taken for the fetus then this operation is done much in advance before the fetus is to be delivered. Hysterotomy is the choice of operation done for open fetal surgery. If the uterus is to be operated upon during a pregnancy, a hysterotomy is performed. Many a times a woman decides to get the fetus aborted post the first trimester and this is a very critical situation. Hysterotomy is the exclusive choice of operation in such cases. It is exactly the same like a cesarean section operation, the only difference being the intention of the operation. In hysterotomy, the intention is to bring about abortion whereas in cesarean section the intention is to bring to world a live child. There is lot of risk and potential complications in a hysterotomy but it is the last resort in a delayed abortion.